Damage judgment and improvement method of deep groove ball bearing

 Deep groove ball bearings in the running process, due to various factors, man-made or, or in the installation or assembly error causes regular maintenance of deep groove ball bearings are not strictly enforced, the damage load periodically change or abnormal mutation and external causes. The equipment in long time operation, the bearing will wear, even in peacetime maintenance of normal bearing, bearings will wear, but very slowly, after a long time of this operation, close to the life of bearing design, due to normal wear may cause the bearing fault.
Among all kinds of bearings, deep groove ball bearings are widely used in cycling, motorcycles, precision instruments and meters and other industries. Deep groove ball bearings of a wide range of sizes, and more styles, in the high-speed equipment and high-speed operation at the same time, all applications, and durability is very strong, there is no need for regular maintenance.
    The deep groove ball bearing has the advantages of small friction coefficient, high limit speed, simple structure, low manufacturing cost and easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy. The main load is radial load, and also can bear a certain amount of axial load. Because its structure is very simple, single row deep groove ball bearings, including inner ring, outer ring cage and steel ball, its components are less, in the deep groove ball bearings research is more convenient to carry out.
So, what are some of the common damage conditions of deep groove ball bearings?
1 fatigue pitting corrosion fatigue pitting is a deep groove ball bearing in operation, the work surface of the stress under the action of material fatigue failure. The common form is contact fatigue spalling. Contact fatigue spalling occurs on the working surface of the bearing and often has some fatigue cracks. After prolonged running of the bearings, they extend to the surface of the trip. The deeper the degree, the original working condition of the bearing will cause the flaking surface to expand continuously and expand to the deep layer to form deep peeling.
2, wear
Wear is caused by the relative sliding between the surfaces, resulting in the continuous wear and tear of the metal on the work surface. If the wear and tear of the phenomenon of continuous, will cause the bearing components of the continuous damage, so that the size of its accuracy change, or change its shape.
3, fracture
The main causes of bearing fracture are defects and overload two major factors. When an external load has been initiated and the material strength is broken, the component is called an overload fracture. The micro cracks, shrinkage holes, bubbles, sundries, overheated structures and partial burns of the bearing parts also cause fracture during impact, overload or strong vibration. Also, the bearing falls or improper use, a variety of factors will also cause the bearing to fracture.
Well, there are a variety of phenomena, what should we do to improve these deep groove ball bearings?
1, installation method improvement: in deep groove ball bearing installation process, you can use hot installation, or use some suitable special tool for installation.
2. Correct the load condition so that the load that the bearing can bear is within the range of its design load, or a suitable range of application can be confirmed according to the quality of the bearing batch.
3, the installation of bearings must be installed in place, and let the bearing stalls bear support.
When deep groove ball bearings in the practical application, which will inevitably come into contact with water vapor, and some corrosive things, which will make the bearing rust and corrosion, and will be affected by the micro current and electrostatic process in deep groove ball bearings in operation, will make the deep groove ball bearing corrosion current. The rust and corrosion of the bearings cause crater rust on the ferrule and roll. Eventually cause damage to the bearings.
    Improvement measures: overall improvement method for such cases is actually quite simple, improved sealing device, the bearing is bearing with sealing ring, if you still can't get good results, and then on this basis the installation of additional sealing device in bearing.